FREE NEW Nightshifters release! CT Burners & Jubilee!!

We received this track in from CT Burners and Jubilee and decided it was too good to just send out by itself, so we got a few remixes and now we’re happy to give to you our first FREE Nightshifters EP!

Of course you probably already know our own superstar Dj, Jubilee who is one of our residents @ Nightshifters, but she’s joined by DnB producer CT Burners to give you a proper rave-tastic jam. Like we said we grabbed 3 remixes for this one as well. The Squire of Gothos are two louts from Sheffield and their version has deep wobbly bass synths with just a smidge of poundy kicks. The American bi-coastal WZRDZ deliver a solid slab of side-chain pogo-electro for your peak-time needs, while our resident Dj Donna Summer tries his hand at a sort of dubstep-rave-breaks affair.

All tracks are free as the wind, and if you dig it- PLEASE SPREAD THEM AROUND!

CT Burners and Jubilee- Kick it (NS008) (49.3Mb- all tracks 320Mp3 + artwork)

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