13 Electric Guitars with a Piezo Pickup (master list)

This information is going to be presented to you in two stages. In the first step of this process, we are going to compile a list of all of the electric guitars that we have located that have a piezo pickup installed. This indicates that they are guitars that come pre-fitted with a piezo pickup and do not need any kind of modification or upgrading to function properly.

These guitars come equipped with a piezo pickup located beneath the bridge, in addition to a second output jack that is solely devoted to the piezo pickup.

The following are the results of this:

The traditional magnetic pickups, each of which comes equipped with its own output jack. The piezo pickup, which comes with its very own output jack

Because they are typically installed underneath the bridge on an electric guitar, these pickups are not visible on the instrument. This placement allows them to directly pick up the vibrations of the strings off of the body of the guitar. The sound that is produced by piezo pickups is projected in this manner. Please feel free to continue reading below our list of guitars for additional information on the technical aspects of piezo pickups.

Piezo pickups on electric guitars.

Electric guitars that we have been able to locate come equipped with a piezo pickup. It is not a ranking or a review but rather just a list of guitars that have this one-of-a-kind and unusual characteristic. Take into consideration, once more, that this will result in there being two output jacks on each guitar: one for the magnetic pickups and another for the piezo pickups.

You should also be aware that it’s possible there are other types of electric guitars that use piezo pickups that I simply haven’t been able to locate.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below if you are aware of any that I may have overlooked.

What exactly is a piezo pickup, and how does it function in an instrument?

A piezo pickup is a specific kind of guitar pickup that, rather than relying on a magnetic field, gets its signal from the vibrations of the strings.

A magnet with coil wrapping creates a magnetic field above the guitar strings in the more common passive and active pickups. This field affects the sound produced by the guitar. Piezo pickups make direct contact with the bridge of a guitar and project a sound onto the body of the instrument that is generated by the vibrations of the strings.

As a result, they are a well-liked option for acoustic guitars, particularly nylon string guitars, in which the use of magnets is not a viable alternative. A piezo pickup is a type of pickup found in electric guitars that can produce a sound that is more acoustic-oriented. This sound is produced by the natural vibrations of the guitar’s body.

Check out this ESP LTD article on piezo pickups for more information on the subject.

Which brands of electric guitars utilize piezo pickups the most frequently in their instruments?

At the moment, there are four manufacturers of electric guitars that are engaged in the process of producing electric guitars that have piezo pickups installed. The following are some examples of them:

  • PRS
  • Ernie Ball
  • Schecter

The inventory of piezo electric guitars held by PRS is by far the most extensive, with ESP LTD coming in a distant second. A significant market presence for this particular feature does not appear to exist apart from these four brands, at least not currently.

Piezo pickups on electric guitars have a number of advantages.

The sound that you get from a piezo pickup is more natural, despite being brighter and less warm than the sound that you get from a magnetic pickup.

It is probably overstating the case to say that “it turns your electric guitar into an acoustic” when referring to an electric guitar. But it does bring out some of the acoustic qualities of the instrument, giving you a tone that is not based on the electrical current created by magnets and wiring but rather on the vibrations of the strings and the body of the guitar.

This makes the tone profile of your electric guitar significantly more versatile, allowing it to project through either the magnetic pickups or the piezo pickup, depending on your preference.

And there are some situations in which you can combine the two.

Concluding Remarks and Several Questions

The addition of a piezo pickup to your electric guitar can give you access to a wide range of new tonal possibilities, and this is especially true if your instrument is equipped with a blend knob that enables you to customize the ratio of piezo to magnetic pickups. Since the purpose of this list is to compile all electric guitars that feature a piezo pickup in a single location, it is possible that some models slipped through the cracks during our investigation. Feel free to mention it in the comments section below if you are familiar with an electric guitar that comes equipped with a piezo pickup as standard equipment. Additionally, we encourage you to post your questions and thoughts there.

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