15 Mistakes Men Make While Dating

If you were given the choice to imagine a perfect date with the dream girl of your life, what scenario would you re-enact in your mind? Taking her to a luxurious hotel, picking her up in an expensive car, while wearing designer clothes and an exotic cologne, am I right?

Well, to a certain extent pulling off a classy act like that is something definitely that she would respect, there are a few more things that a girl expects from you, which are not necessarily expensive or exotic but are way more important and might prove to be the deciding factor for you.

You love her the most! You feel strongly for her and are willing to go to any lengths just to get her to like you! What could go wrong!? Well, in this article from www.datingproductreviews.org/ I will present to you a list of mistakes that might ruin the chances of getting our dream girl!


  1. Not Trying To Know Her Enough

This is one of the major mistakes that men do and we don’t even realize it. Oftentimes, men idolize a girl so much that we presume we know everything about her, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, what could go wrong am I right? Wrong!

No matter how well you know the girl that you’re currently dating, you have to let her talk about herself, as the more you let the girl talk about herself, the more comfortable and secure she feels around you.

I can guarantee you, that when you let her express herself it will in turn give you a better perspective about her as well!  So let her talk and express herself as much as she can.


  1. Giving Vulgar Compliments

Now there is a huge difference between what guys expect to receive as compliments and what girls expect to receive as compliments.

While compliments such as, “You look great today” or “That’s a beautiful dress that you’re wearing” are perfectly fine, compliments such as “You have a sexy body” and “Nice booty” on the first date itself might come off as derogatory or even vulgar and offensive.

So, choose your words carefully.


  1. Being Too Dependent On Her

This is the most common mistake men do while dating a girl, we feel like sharing too much with women is a great way to build a strong connection with her. We often share all our problems and frustrations with her thinking that that way she might find us relatable and feel for us.

Although, the sad truth is that when you are dating a woman, there’s always a chance that she might not be into you as much as you think she is and she might end up responding in a way that may hurt you.

So before sharing your problems with anyone make sure they are as committed to listening to you and solving your problems.


  1. Lying Too Much About Yourself

Being insecure about yourself is a trait that is completely normal, we all go through it every now and then.

The problem lies in the fact that whenever people are insecure, they tend to lie about themselves and at times go way overboard, trying to create a fake personality, and lying about materialistic things.

In most cases, however, these things eventually backfire and end up causing severe problems in your relationship in the future as your fake charming personality eventually wears off and she slowly starts knowing you for who you are.

So be honest about yourself and refrain from lying about yourself as much as you can.


  1. Checking Your Phone Too Often

Whenever you’re on a date with a girl, always make sure that you are paying the utmost attention to her, also make sure that she knows and realizes that.

Now in today’s day and age, it is hard to stay away from your phone but I insist that whenever on a date keep your phone silent. Pay attention to the girl, keep eye contact with her, tend to her needs.

Being on your phone and checking it too often while you are with her, simply just makes her feel like she’s unnecessary or she doesn’t have much to offer, which will eventually cause her to lose interest in you.

Whenever you are with a girl, make her feel like she’s needed, make her feel like she’s genuinely making a significant mark in your life.


  1. Being Too Involved In Your Past Relationships

Frankly speaking, this is a huge turn-off for both men as well as women. There isn’t much to explain here, as nobody likes a person who just can’t seem to get over their past relationships.

Before being in a relationship with anyone you need to make sure that you leave your past behind or else you will never keep your partner happy.


  1. Pursuing Physical Intimacy Too Early

I strongly feel that when it comes to physical intimacy, it is always a great idea to let the woman be the one to initiate.

As men, we tend to think that sexual intimacy for women works the same way as with men but that’s not true, women, in general, are very conservative when it comes to intimacy and often feel the need to trust the person before indulging with them.

So before pursuing physical intimacy, please make sure that your partner is completely fine and willing to do it.


  1. Showing Off Your Resume

When you are on a romantic date with a person keep in mind that the person is over there to know you as a person, while your past achievements and accomplishments may definitely say a lot about you, please keep in mind that they do not completely define you.

As men, we are conditioned by our society that our worth lies completely in our achievements which is not right.

There’s so much more to you than your resume, and when a person decides to spend the whole life with you, they are trying to know you for the person you truly are. So please make sure that while on a date, be honest about yourself, I promise you it goes a long way.

I hope this article has helped you understand relationships from a new perspective, I wish you luck for your next date.

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