Boss Katana 50 vs Orange Crush 35RT

Amplifier by Boss called the Katana 50, paired with an Orange Crush 35RT. Both of these are compact combo amplifiers that have wattage ratings that are comparable to one another and serve a purpose that is analogous. Think of them as practice amps for your bedroom or living room that can be turned up to a slightly louder volume if necessary.

Both of these are solid-state circuits that take the form of combos and have multiple channels.

The comparison between these amplifiers will be broken down into two parts:

  • Comparison of features and specifications
  • Comparative analysis of grades

The grades are ratings that I’ve put together with the intention of serving as general quality markers; however, they are certainly open to my own interpretation. Remember that you should take them with a grain of salt and that their purpose is simply to demonstrate the general advantages and disadvantages of the two amplifiers


You can use the compare buttons to view pricing and basic specifications for each amp. This is helpful for those who want to make a comparison of multiple amps in a shorter amount of time. In addition, if you appreciate the information that we provide, please consider shopping for your amplifier using the orange Sweetwater buttons. Doing so will assist us without adding any additional expense to your purchase.

Basic Specification

The Boss Katana emerges victorious from a comparison of features and specifications in their most basic forms. It has five channels, also known as amp types, as opposed to the Crush’s two, and it has a higher wattage rating of fifty as opposed to thirty-five. The Katana, on the other hand, comes equipped with its own set of effects, giving it a degree of versatility that is lacking in the Crush.

On the other hand, the 35RT comes equipped with an effects loop, whereas the Katana does not. Both amplifiers have a headphone output as well as a USB connection, which is fairly standard for modern solid-state amplifiers.

Take note that in the following table, rows in red indicate a difference in quality, whereas rows in yellow simply highlight a feature difference that is not really a quality concern.

The Crush is distinguished from the Katana in that it incorporates a tuner, whereas the Katana is distinguished from the Crush in that it incorporates an input for a power amplifier. The feature switching provides you with a number of fairly clear distinctions to choose from, depending on what you want to place the most importance on.

For example, do you care about the effects that are already on board?

Choose the Katana as your weapon.

Or perhaps you already have pedals that you like to use, and you need the effects loop that comes with an onboard tuner.

Choose the Crush 35 as your weapon.


This is the grading section that we’ve set up to show some fundamental areas of each amplifier’s strength. Again, it is essential to comprehend that these are merely generalizations rather than inflexible guidelines.

They are designed to illustrate both the advantages and disadvantages of one another in relation to one another. Consider them with a healthy dose of caution.

In almost every respect, the Katana is, in our opinion, the superior option.

Even though the effects loop is not included, it has a better sound, and we like the new features that have been added.

Comparing the Katana 50 to the 35RT, which retails for around $260, the Katana 50 can be purchased for approximately $240. If the prices were reversed, we might give the Crush 35 a slightly higher rating; however, it seems to provide you with a little bit less for a little bit more money than its competitors do.

In closing, some thoughts and a conclusion.

If I had to choose between the Orange Crush 35RT and the Boss Katana 50, I’d go with the Boss Katana 50. Both of these amps are fantastic for practicing on and are adaptable to a wide variety of skill levels and playing environments. However, due to the increase in the price of the Crush as well as the somewhat less impressive roster of features, we have decided to go with the Katana instead.

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